At Tetex Int., we enable your company to set up a virtual office.

Until now, we lived in the times of corner offices with large windows and a secretary.
But what to do when there is no office or secretary in front of the door?


If your job requires travel, you’ll always have your files with you and you will not have many stressful moments when you left an important document in your office because your office is with you. Assistants can do almost anything that their predecessors did. They can provide services when needed or, if you prefer, you can enter a certain amount of time each day, week or month in the contract. By using e-mail, fax and other electronic technologies, it is possible to work anywhere, anytime. Make sure you get samples of their work and have the opportunity to talk to their clerks, who you can ask not only about the quality of work, but also about speed and accuracy.


A virtual office is a service that enables employees and business owners to work remotely by providing a range of business functions available over the Internet. It also allows organizations to create and maintain presence in a desired location without having to pay rent for the actual space.


Although the benefits of working in a virtual office may seem obvious to you – greater freedom, more flexibility, being able to stay at home with your children – there are probably more benefits that you have not thought about. Here they are:
The environmental benefits of not driving a car,
reducing traffic, saving time,
the opportunity to work in the most productive place, i.e. where we feel the most freely, reduced stress, satisfaction from a more balanced life,
a relaxing working environment,
more part-time employment opportunities or contract staff.


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