We create newsletters for companies with international reach

At Tetex Int., we can create a newsletter for you in 35 available languages. We prepare daily, weekly and monthly newsletters. We’ll take care of your notoriety on the market!

Supporting business relations

Publishing the newsletter gives you the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of your company’s activities, products and services. Customers may have limited perspectives on what your business offers if they do not hear anything more about it than seeing your ads or receiving marketing messages via email. The content of the newsletter builds a broader picture of the company. To encourage readers, find out more, it’s best to put links to more detailed information on the company’s website.

Up-to-date information

The newsletter shows experience on the market and builds trust in your company. If the content of the newsletter provides valuable information to clients, it helps you gain the status of an industry leader in your branch. A good way to condense the vast amount of information is to include links to articles about important issues in your market sector or sharing information about research in the industry. You can also provide details about the conferences and industry events in which your company is participating.

Increased reach

Newsletters can help increase the reach of your target audience. By placing information about them on your website, you can capture contact details of new potential customers by asking your visitors to subscribe. Issuing newsletters by e-mail to all customers is a cheap communication method, leaving more in the budget for advertising or other promotional activities. Newsletters are a very good method of maintaining contact with a wide range of recipients.




Realised projects





We present individual packages that will allow you to choose exactly what you need in the available budget.


One-time package
  • Proposed topic
  • Prepare of graphics
  • Up to 3 changes in project
  • One-time distribution to the full base


One year
900zł Jednorazowo
  • Proposed topic
  • Prepare of graphics
  • Up to 3 changes in the project
  • 12 newsletter distribution

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