We know full well that international slogans must keep their overtones in every language.


We keep the context of the original text in each language we translate to – 35.


At Tetex Int., only qualified people work and that gives the customer a guarantee of accuracy and reliability.

"Give recipients quality. This is the best type of advertising."
Milton Hershey

Let’s start with explaining how does transcription from translation differ?

Translation is the process of translating one language into another. It sounds like that, and most people would just say that if you ask them for clarification. What is not very obvious is that all but the most basic translations require the interpreter to add something from themselves in order to best capture the essence of what the original document author had in mind.

Grammatical correctness is crucial for translation and there is never room for mistakes, so translators should only translate into their native language. However, fluency in a foreign language and an in-depth understanding of one’s own language does not automatically qualify someone to be a transcreator. Such a person must also have conceptual and linguistic skills.

Transcreation means “translating” and “recreating” the original text in a new language, while making sure that it is still relevant in the context for which it is intended. The person creating the transcreation must thoroughly understand the desired result and be free not only to translate the original, but also to make significant changes to it. Most transcreations are made when working with marketing teams.

Transcreation is a very creative process and quite often interprets the text diverging from the original. In translation, the true meaning and style must be as similar as possible to the original, with emphasis on readability and making sure (depending on the client’s requirements) that there are no deviations from the original meaning. The most important thing is that the transcreator is a translator and copywriter at the same time. The purpose of the transcreated message is to effectively call the same emotions and messages in a new language, as in the original or source language. This applies to words, graphics, video, sound and cultural nuances.

Transcreation is also an adaptation of marketing and advertising activities on global markets. This applies to a wide range of activities and includes internal and external communication in various industries. If you employ an advertising agency or copywriter, there is a chance that you will need transcreations to maximize your campaign around the world.

Typical projects that Tetex Int. deals with are, for example, brand slogans and advertising slogans, advertising campaigns, product information and web content. The customer may require a slogan transcription in up to 35 languages ​​or larger campaigns covering multiple languages ​​and multiple texts.



We present individual packages that will allow you to choose exactly what you need in the available budget.


one-time package
  • Transcreation of 3 texts
  • Translations to 35 available languages
  • A proposal of 3 advertising slogans


4000zł one year package
  • Any amount of transcreations
  • Translations to 35 available languages
  • Any amount of advertising slogans

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