How to effectively promote a company on social media?

In the present era of the all-encompassing Internet, one can not imagine life without social media. They are literally everywhere: in the store, on your phone, in the shopping center – always where there can be something promoted and where people will pay attention to it.

1. The right headline

Do not just stop on one title. Create multiple titles and run A / B tests to see which headlines are most effective in promoting your content on social networks. The headline should be catchy, creative, thoughtful, and even controversial if it has to – its main task is to catch the reader’s attention, so that in the further process he would like to read our text. The text should also be a supplement to the header. It is important that the title briefly tells the content of the text.

4. High quality content

Of course, adding funny entries is now necessary to interest Internet users, also make content useful for your observers. This may mean posting tips on best practices or offering special offers of products or services.

2. Posting at the right time

Keep in mind that different social platforms may not have the same page view peaks at the same hours. Although there are many infographics informing about the best time for publishing on social media, some of them don’t really explain how users engage in any social network. Some social media platforms have features designed to help with this process, such as Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics.

5. Avoid posting similar content

Although you can use tools that allow you to write one message and add it to different social media, you risk losing transparency. You can use a similar language if you promote your offer on different websites; just remember to change words, at the same time reflecting the tone of each content.

3. Don't be afraid to post multiple during the day

Use multiple images and many headlines for your content. In this way you make contact with your observers. Social media users can not see most of your entries on a given day. Repeated publishing gives viewers a chance to see your content. On the other hand, you can not allow spam. The optimal amount of content added is most often selected on the basis of tries and mistakes.

6. Outsorcing

If you do not feel strong enough to effectively promote your company on your own in social media, do not worry – we will be happy to do it in 35 languages for you at Tetex Int. Outsourcing is a form of letting someone do something and to take care of it for us.

"Content is the fire, social media – gasoline."
Jay Baer


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