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Good project

The packaging of your product can be a useful marketing tool. Branded products are easily recognizable, so designing packaging at the front and the proper logo helps consumers remember your product the next time they shop. Think about what your packaging says about your product and your brand. Is it good? Can it be better? It is also worth considering what messages the packaging of the product provides to consumers?


Take a moment to analyze the brands known on the market. They all have one thing in common: they are unforgettable. For decades, brands such as Coca-Cola or Nivea have made small changes in their packaging and remained faithful to the original look. It should be remembered that recognizable brands should not change anything, because many of these successful ones have seen a drop in sales after the packaging change.


The packaging of a product communicates many things, from what the product can do to customers, to the value of the company. Some argue that packaging is just as important as the product itself, because it is a key marketing and communication tool for your company. The choice of paper, plastic, aluminum or other material is of great importance because in order to sell the product well, it must also look good.

Influence on the customer

There are thousands of products on the market fighting for customers’ attention. Product packaging plays very important role in consumer decision making – after all, one third of consumer decisions are based solely on the appearance of the product. To be successful, the packaging of your brand must stand out and look different than the competitions’.

Functionality and quality

How functional the product packaging is is also of great importance. A good example is that the packaging of a food product is also its delivery system – it must be packed well enough to survive transport, and then be stored in someone’s home – on a shelf or in a refrigerator. The content you want to put on your product is just as important – it gives the customer information on the safety, quality and functions of your product.



We present individual packages that will allow you to choose exactly what you need in the available budget.


500zł one-time package
  • Packaging project
  • Content on the packaging
  • 3 language versions
  • Up to 3 client's corrections


1500zł Jednorazowo
  • Projekt 5 opakowań
  • Treści zawarte na opakowaniu
  • 3 wersje językowe
  • Do 5 poprawek klienta

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